Learning Classical Thai Dancing

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Learning the Art of Muay Thai

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Learning Massage in Thailand

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There are several cooking schools in Bangkok alone that offer many levels of Thai cooking classes. Students can take as little as 4 hours of instruction to master the basics of one traditional Thai dish at a time. If they want to learn more, many schools have a variety of classes available. While some offer classes to learn to cook a single style of cooking at a time, most offer complete courses for the various types of traditional Thai foods.

As with any study, there are levels of proficiency and knowledge for Thai cooking. Rather than learn from home, it is recommended that a student of Thai cooking go to the country where all the traditional ingredients are available. Many courses are offered to take a person with no experience in Thai food all the way to becoming a master Thai chef. Even courses for the traditional art of carving fruit and vegetables can be found in the city of Bangkok.